Modern residential and commercial district close to city centre

  • Year:
    2026 IIQ
  • Direction:
    Residential and commercial property
  • Developer:
    Estmak Capital

The Wittenhof residential and commercial district is strategically well placed

From here, you can easily get around the city on foot and by bike, scooter, car and public transport. The higher floors boast views of both the sea and Tallinn Old Town.

Across the road is Merimetsa Park and its health trails, perfect for sports or spending quality time with the family. Stroomi Beach and the Rocca al Mare seaside walking and cycle paths are just a kilometre away on foot. You can conveniently do your everyday shopping at Merimetsa Selver or the nearby Kristiine Centre.

The Wittenhof residential and commercial district will be constructed at Endla 73, Metalli 2, Mineraali 3, Metalli 4, Mineraali 5.

See the map
See on map:
Lasteaed “Ojake”
Tallinna Kannikese Lasteaed
Tallinna Kullerkupu Lasteaed
Jakob Westholmi Gümnaasium
Räägu park
Rocca al Mare promenaad
Sõle Spordikeskus
Grossi toidukaubad
Cederhilmi park
Tallinna Lepatriinu Lasteaed
Tallinna Mutionu Lasteaed
Tallinna Mustjõe Gümnaasium
Pelgulinna Gümnaasium
Tallinna Lilleküla Gümnaasium
A. Le Coq Arena
Balti Jaama Turg
Löwenruh park
Stroomi rand
Marienthali Selver
Rocca Al Mare keskus
Merimetsa Selver
Kristiine keskus


The commercial building is beautiful and airy, integrating the needs of a modern and flexible working environment. The evocative and industrial yet timeless architectural form is in synergy with functionality and structural economy. The folding façade of the commercial building creates distinctive, ever-changing reflections when you pass by.

Energy-efficient placement

The building’s shape, placement and façade design ensure the best user experience, great positioning in relation to wind and sun and energy efficiency. The building’s scissor stairs have been designed to meet the fire safety and evacuation requirements for high-rise buildings.

Private and sunny

The alternating arrangement of closed walls and glass will ensure that the east, south and west façades of the commercial building are protected from summer overheating, while still allowing sufficient indirect daylight to enter the building and giving access to stunning city views. In addition to a good indoor climate and energy efficiency, the closed parts of the folded walls are ideal for private living spaces.

Rooftop terrace and green areas

The communal areas are designed for practicality and ease of use, with a touch of respectability and dignity. On the roof of the part of the building that connects the two towers, a shared terrace is planned, which will be landscaped with undemanding and low-maintenance plants. A restaurant with a patio overlooking the courtyard has been designed for both in-house and external customers.


The architects of the Wittenhof residential and commercial district are Jaan Kuusemets and Keiu Tulev from DAGOpen architecture firm.

Register your interest

Register your interest

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